Banyan Tree Unveils a Post-Covid Wellbeing Drive

As the world leans more into wellbeing with the pandemic’s widespread impact, Banyan Tree is redefining a hospitality experience in response – the executive club.  

While the resumption of business travel is dubious given a paradigm shift in the future of work, we have absolute conviction that leisure travel will rebound and with a purposeful direction into discovering personal wellbeing practices that work in this new normal. We have always been known for our Spa experiences – we are now going beyond that, in our unique approach of combining personal wellbeing and greater sustainability into one concept. Hearing our guests’ feedback so far, we believe this is unique, innovative and a first in the industry.  Ho Renyung, VP, Brand HQ of Banyan Tree Holdings

Throughout this year, the brand will be launching Wellbeing Sanctuaries that combine club floors or resort wings, dedicated dining options, its Spas, and multifunctional practice spaces into one exclusive journey. Beginning this month, they will be launched first in China, and progressively in Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Thailand and Vietnam over the next 12 months. 

Our mission is to demystify wellbeing and democratise it for everyone. We want wellbeing to be inspiring, accessible and impactful, in a way that can be woven into everyday life. Our philosophy is that wellbeing is about the connection between self, others, and nature – how we balance this dynamic within and without, is at the core of a good life. Lee Woon Hoe, Executive Director of Wellbeing

Catered for the wellbeing-curious, the Wellbeing Sanctuary concept enables leisure travellers to design and combine a leisure vacation with wellbeing elements in a flexible, and open way. Through a simple and structured, codified approach of 8 pillars, guests may personalise their stay as well as create a personal practice to sustain even after returning home. Lastly, the journey is designed to inspire a greater connection between self, others and nature, with Banyan Tree’s enduring commitment to sustainability woven through the experience.

Begin Anywhere – a flexible and open system of discovery 

Every individual’s journey to wellbeing is different. Each Wellbeing Sanctuary provides the time and space for guests to choose their own activities throughout their stay with a unique credit system, in consultation with the property’s wellbeing host. Stays can be anywhere between 2 days and more, with a variety of activities to accommodate couples or families with different leisure and wellbeing preferences.

A stay at Banyan Tree’s Wellbeing Sanctuary includes:   

  • Accommodation at a wellbeing suite or villa designed for sleep enhancement
  • In-room amenities such as yoga mats, stretch bands and singing bowls for private practice
  • Pre-sleep bath and body rituals
  • Balanced healthy meals and mini-bar provisions using locally sourced ingredients
  • Bodywork and Spa therapy experience
  • Access to 50 simple but impactful wellbeing activities, inspired by the destination
  • Personalised, take-home wellbeing guide for sustained learning
  • Personal Practice – a codified approach to self-care

Developed through 2 years of study and thousands of participant feedback, Banyan Tree’s Wellbeing approach is codified through 8 pillars: Sleep Well, Dietary Awareness, Interaction, Intimacy and Involvement, Physical Vitality, Cultivating the Mind, Learning and Development, Harmony with Nature and Sustained Practices. 


With the support of dedicated wellbeing hosts on-property, guests who book a stay at Banyan Tree’s Wellbeing Sanctuaries embark on a journey to come home to themselves, gaining deeper self-knowledge. Guests can also take home a personal wellbeing guide after their stay, which include tips on healthy living, home exercise and other recommendations for sustained practice in one’s daily life.  


Likewise, Banyan Tree associates are provided support and assistance for their own wellbeing journeys through groupwide initiatives focusing on mindfulness and self-care, with a regular Associate Wellbeing Index that guides the company’s policies. 

Self, Others and Nature – personal wellbeing and greater sustainability in one 

Most existing wellbeing offerings are primarily focused on the individual. At Banyan Tree’s Wellbeing Sanctuaries, exploring the relationships and connections within the self, and without, with others and nature, is core. In doing so, guests discover their own balancing points and find ways to improve their state of being in the now. 


For example, the sensory detox White Room experience is a deep dive into the self, removing daily distractions in a guided, stress-free environment. In exploring relationship with others, guests may choose to have a conversation with a Buddhist monk, volunteer in a community setting, or go through a couple yoga session. In connecting with nature, one may choose a Conscious Grounding experience outdoors, or an Ocean Breath meditation session combining breathwork and movement. 

We are excited to launch the Wellbeing Sanctuary experience globally. It is our hope that in discovering these simple yet impactful ways to improve their wellbeing, our guests will sustain these practices when they return home, into their daily lives and with their loved ones.   Lee Woon Hoe, Executive Director of Wellbeing

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