Cassia Phuket Earns 'Social Responsibility Drive Organization' Certificate

Banyan Group’s premier lifestyle hotel, Cassia Phuket, proudly announces its achievement of the Social Responsibility Drive Organization certificate, awarded by the Phuket Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office. This honour positions Cassia Phuket as the premier hospitality entity in Phuket recognised for its exceptional dedication to social and humanitarian endeavours.

During a meaningful ceremony at Phuket Provincial Hall, Julalak Srijan and Prapa Hammin - Cassia Phuket

and Laguna Phuket representative, graciously accepted the esteemed award from Mr. Satta Thongkam, Vice

Governor of Phuket, marking a milestone in Cassia Phuket's journey of social responsibility.

Marking three decades of positive impact

2024 marks the 30th anniversary of Banyan Group, an occasion that sees the group strengthening the commitment to its foundational beliefs and values. With a renewed dedication to leveraging travel as a force for positive change for people and the planet, Banyan Group continues to embody the belief in the transformative power of travel. As we celebrate this milestone, Cassia Phuket's "Pay It Forward" initiative stands as a testament to Banyan Group's vision to be a global pioneer in sustainable hospitality.

Empowering local community through for sustainable futures

Guided by the visionary leadership of Mr. Logan Daley, General Manager, Cassia Phuket has spearheaded the

Pay It Forward” project. This initiative, deeply rooted in the hotel’s commitment to genuine community

involvement, reflects the believe of Collaborate for Good, in line with the Banyan Group's Brand for Good


The "Pay It Forward" project, alongside the "Cassia Clothing Drive” campaign, were introduced on August 15, 2022, encouraged guests and associates to donate food and clothing items to aid the local community. These efforts have resulted in the remarkable collection large amount of essential items, including clothing, food, and educational materials, significantly benefiting Phuket's residents in need, embodying the spirit of giving and sustainability.

A unifying vision to community synergy

Our active engagement in these initiatives is a testament to our belief in 'Brand for Good'. By involving our guests with the local community, we not only aid those in needs but also foster the culture of unity and shared purpose. Logan Daley, General Manager, Cassia Phuket

This recognition not only underscores Cassia Phuket's excellence in hospitality but also highlights its

significant contributions towards community development and environmental stewardship, resonating with

the Banyan Group's long-term vision.

Looking ahead with purpose

As Banyan Group celebrates 30 years of innovation and commitment to sustainability, Cassia Phuket is

inspired to deepen its engagement with community-centric projects. "In this landmark year, we are more

dedicated than ever to advancing our initiatives, ensuring our actions continue to contribute to a sustainable

and inclusive future," affirmed Mr. Daley.

As a dedicated ally to the community, Cassia Phuket is poised to explore innovative ways to support and uplift

local residents and the planet, affirming its role as more than just a hotel but a vital community partner, today and in the future. Learn more about Cassia Phuket at

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About Banyan Group

Banyan Group (“Banyan Tree Holdings Limited” or the “Group” - SGX: B58) is an independent, global hospitality company with purpose. The Group prides itself on its pioneering spirit, design-led experiences and commitment to responsible stewardship. Its extensive portfolio spans over 80 hotels and resorts, over 60 spas and galleries, and 14 branded residences in over 20 countries. Comprising 12 global brands, including the flagship brand Banyan Tree, each distinct yet united under the experiential membership programme withBanyan. The founding ethos of “Embracing the Environment, Empowering People” is embodied through the Banyan Global Foundation and Banyan Academy. Banyan Group is committed to remaining the leading advocate of sustainable travel, with a focus on regenerative tourism and innovative programmes that elevate the guest experience.

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